PropertiTerkini publishes advertorials on the website under the following terms and conditions:
  • PropertiTerkini reserves the right to maintain the editorial style of our publication and thus all advertorials must comply with our design requirements for advertorials. By complying with these requirements, your potential advertorial approval process will be accelerated. If you have any questions about the content received by, please contact us.
  • reserves the right to modify or edit our Advertorial Requirements Guidelines at any time. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse any advertorial from any business or individual.
The maximum dimensions for each advertorial copy are the direct area defined as follows:
  • The title must be on one line
  • The copy of the content must be within 750 words and must conform to the magazine style and format. (Word count is approximate, you may be asked to cut or add content as requested by
  • All contact information must be included in the bio area that appears at the bottom of the advertorial and is limited to 150 words.
  • All copies submitted must be approved by for editorial style, spacing and grammar.
  • there is content or information or photos and videos that do not comply with the provisions, then the advertorial advertiser is required to correct the writing himself to be sent back for review by the team. All staff of are not allowed to change the content submitted by Advertorial advertisers
  • The advertorial image must be part of the advertorial, meet the minimum size requirements and complement the advertorial size.
  • Advertorial images should be more lifestyle than product images.
  • Layouts, including typography, should blend in with styles and formatting but not mimic standard templates. This includes, but is not limited to, font size and style, layout, direction, style, color and illustration style.
  • will add the word “ADVERTORIAL” at the top of each advertorial with a text size that depends on the advertorial design. (unless there is an agreement not to include the advertorial word)
All advertorials considered must be products and messages that are in line with the rules applicable in Recent Properties
  • Advertorial content should be written in an article style that addresses the benefits the consumer of the product / service will experience and ideally will include real-life scenarios or case studies to demonstrate effectiveness.
  • will not be responsible in any way, for any results generated by your advertorial writing, including suggestions / recommendations, given or in any way related to this advertorial.
  • Advertorial space will be offered on a limited basis at a cost per advertorial.
  • Advertorial fees apply to each article accepted as part of these advertorial guidelines. Fees for each advertorial may be adjusted from time to time at the discretion of The main benefit of having an advertorial article featured on is that it is around forever and will consistently be featured in search engine results over time, not just for its duration.
Regarding the picture:
  • Advertisers must be the copyright holders of any images or videos that are included with text or advertorials.
  • Advertisers must have a written release for images or videos featuring people. (The latest property is acquitted of charges from people or organizations regarding photos or videos shown in advertorials
  • Images must specifically relate to the advertorial message or product.
  • Ideally featured images are in a horizontal orientation with a width dimension of at least 768 pixels by the minimum height of 600 pixels. The image must be cropped as needed if it does not match the sizes above.
  • Links in advertorials should be “no follow” as recommended by Google.
  • Links must be approved by and must be relevant to the advertorial topic.
  • All meta data (title, description, keywords and tags) must be reviewed and entered at the discretion of
  • All Advertorials must be reviewed and approved by before being published.
  • By advertising on, you agree that you are not part of the website or employees of
  • Advertorial posts will remain on the site permanently unless the advertiser requests removal, or if the advertorial content is no longer valid.
  • You agree to guarantee the and hold it free from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including court fees and reasonable fees and expenses of lawyers, expert witnesses and other professionals, arising out of or resulting from any action by a party. third to which are based on claims that Advertorials infringe copyright or other proprietary rights or violate trade secrets.
  • The Republic of Indonesia Law will govern this Advertorial Terms Agreement.
  • By submitting your advertorial, you agree that you have read this Agreement and agree to be bound by it, and you also agree that the foregoing accurately reflects our agreement with respect to the subject here.